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Why Choose ICS

The ICS network is comprised of C-level relationships with African Mobile Network Operators cultivated over the decades ICS pioneered bringing innovative, state-of-the-art mobile technology to Sub-Saharan Africa. ICS eliminates market entry apprehension by establishing congenial professional relationships with corporate leaders taking an active and secure financial interest in, and commitments to, your company’s products & services.

Why Africa


Today, Africa is the fastest-growing telecommunications market in the world second only to China. The Sub-Saharan African telecom market alone offers strong revenue growth opportunities with over USD 46.6 billion in service revenue forecast for 2022. Mobile data traffic across Africa from 2015 through 2022 is expected to increase sevenfold.



For three decades, ICS has worked alongside the pioneers of the GSM mobile wireless industry introducing innovative, state-of-the-art technology to the Tier One and Tier Two Network Operators. Specializing in some of the toughest, emerging, and fastest-growing markets; ICS easily relieves apprehension mitigating the risk of expanding globally within its regions of influence.

Building Relationships


Most Western businesses underestimate Africa’s size and market potential while in parallel overestimating the challenges of doing business there. ICS understands Africa’s enormous potential and offers its clients exclusive access to a strong network of C-Level and senior relationships within Mobile Network Operators to open this vast market to Western technology companies ready to expand globally.

Revenue Growth


High-performing African firms are moving fast to embrace digital and mobile technologies; the single biggest business opportunity in Africa.  Likewise, mobile apps, social media tools, FinTech, ecommerce, big data and analytics fall into this category as well.  African networks are twice as likely to put IoT and blockchain at the heart of their strategies over the next five years.  Digital technology is changing the landscape with a tremendous capacity for revenue growth; ICS can make this happen for your company.

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