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FACT: Most Western businesses underestimate Africa’s size and market potential while in parallel overestimating the challenges of doing business on the continent.

30+ Years of Practical Experience

ICS was developed out of years of working with the pioneers and founders of the first Mobile Wireless Networks abroad. ICS was there working in the industry when today’s billion-dollar networks were in their infancy. The founder of ICS’s former colleagues, customers, competitors, investors, and friends now hold senior positions within these companies. This gives ICS an inside track on positioning your technology solutions not only throughout Sub-Saharan Africa but also throughout Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) as these companies have grown and expanded their presence.

Our Methodology

A turn-key, market entry strategy for doing business in Africa.

ICS is always assessing digital and mobile technology solutions for ease-of-use, integration, cost savings to OPEX and CAPEX, its capacity to reduce churn and its ability to keep subscribers mobile-active and digitally engaged. Our unique market niche gives ICS a greater understanding of African Operators priorities, and forever on the lookout for state-of-the-art technology that Africa craves. Contact us today with your solutions!

Meet the needs of African Mobile Network Operators while offering its clients exclusive access to a strong network of C-Level and senior relationships within the vast African market place for companies ready to expand globally.

The ICS Deployment Process saves our clients time – faster to market; cost savings – talking with decision-makers; alleviate apprehension – building the right corporate portfolio, innovating your business model, and mitigating risks.

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