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International Communication Solutions, LLC (ICS), founded by Ann M. Alongi, has been opening new and emerging markets for Startups to Fortune 500 companies for the past three decades. Earned from many years of living and working internationally, ICS has a unique market niche to expedite new revenue streams for high-technology companies ready to expand globally.


ICS really began back in the early 2000’s through word-of-mouth. People who knew Ann started referring companies to her that wanted to enter emerging markets or had tried on their own and were stuck in the process. Through her extensive network within the Wireless Network Infrastructure Industry throughout Africa, Europe, and Russia, she was able to open markets and connect people. Today, ICS focuses on Africa for two reasons: 1. it is the fastest growing market with young, eager adopters and innovators in all things mobile and digital; and 2. because Africa has always been on the cutting-edge of wireless technology with a great curiosity for innovation and excellence. ICS has its finger on the pulse of what technology is a priority on the continent of Africa at any given time.


ICS offers its clients a turn-key solution for doing business in Africa. ICS provides access to the innovators and pioneers of mobile wireless networks as we introduce and position advanced technology with leading billion-dollar Operators. In the process, we are also building high level corporate and cross-cultural relationships for the long term, year-over-year revenue streams. We do this through a personal approach with each of our clients.

Companies with annual revenues of $1 Billion or more
Years old, median age of African population eager adopters of all things digital and mobile
Countries expected to create the world’s largest free trade area

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